What I did learn when working through the blog post is that I ran into some errors when trying to re-connect or trying to connect to the Azure Storage in my Premium App Workspace and it failed.

The errors that I got were, “We couldn’t connect to Azure, but it’s likely temporary. Try again later or see details.”

Below is how I solved this error.

Why is the error happening?

What I found was when I was going through the documentation was that it did mention that it needs to be created into a new Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen 2.

When I investigated the ADLS Gen2, what I found that there was a new blob container which was created was called “power-bi-backup”

Now if I go into this container, I can then see that there is a folder for each app workspace that I have connected to and created a backup

Based on the above, this why the error is happening is because either when I am trying to re-connect or connect for the first time there is already a container called “power-bi-backup”.

How I fixed the error

Now that I know what is causing the error, I can now fix the error.

In ADSL Gen2 is there is no option to rename (which is often create a new folder with new name, copy data in and delete previous folder).

To fix the error I had to do the following:

  • Create a new container, in my example I called it “valid-power-bi-backup”
  • I then copied the contents from “power-bi-backup” to “valid-power-bi-backup”
  • I verified I have the data copied.
  • Finally, I then deleted the original container “power-bi-backup”

NOTE: Wait a few minutes before trying to connect again!

I then went back into the Power BI Service, and to my premium app and tried to connect again.

I then clicked Save, and then I could then see that I had connected to the storage.

It now successfully connected again.

When I investigate ADLS Gen2 I can then see the container has been created again.


Thanks for reading, and I hope that this error might help someone in the future is having any issues.

Have an awesome week!