Currently working as a Power BI & Data Analytics Consultant. I have over 10+ years’ experience working with data of any size and any source. By leveraging my skills I am able to provide insights into customers data quickly and efficiently. And this has enabled my customers to gain a better understanding of their business. Which relates to better sales, or significant cost savings.

I was recently awarded a Microsoft MVP award for Power BI. Power BI in my opinion is the logical choice in terms to creating insights, being cost effective and providing dashboards and reports on Web, Mobile or in Apps out of the box.

Proven competencies in the implementation of data analytic solutions from the ground up. Which included developing data warehouses, SSAS Cubes and most recently Power BI solutions for customers in various business sectors.

I have worked within teams, managed teams as well as worked alone on various successful data analytics projects.

I have recently focused on providing Power BI Solutions to customers since the inception of Power BI in July 2015.