What can FourMoo offer you as the customer?

Gilbert is currently the primary consultant at FourMoo. Gilbert is a Microsoft MVP for Power BI in which there are roughly another 50 people worldwide who has received this award from Microsoft.

Due to Gilbert having received the Microsoft MVP award, this enables Gilbert have direct access to the Power BI team at Microsoft, as well as have a network of fellow Power MVP’s if there are any challenges I have not experienced before.

Gilbert is also a Power BI Datanaut, which is another award where Gilbert has been recognised for his contributions on the Power BI Community forum, where Gilbert gives advice and solutions to other peoples challenges in his spare time.

Because FourMoo has got a wealth of experience (they have been using Power BI since it’s inception), and has an incredible network of people to leverage, this means faster and better outcomes for customers. Which directly translates to outstanding value.

Here is a link if you would like to understand what the Microsoft MVP Award means: Microsoft MVP Overview 

And here is another link for the Power BI Datanughts: Announcing the Power BI Super User Program