The Strava Power BI Report is using a Custom Data connector to extract their data from Strava. This demonstrates that if required Power BI can connect to any data source even if it is not currently available from the Get Data experience in Power BI.

Further to this, FourMoo has shaped the data to ensure that it provides useful and meaningful data analysis of their Strava data with the following highlights:

• Use of the relative date slicer, which will keep the data current as per the easy to use relative date slicer options.
o It is currently set to last year, so it will only show data for the last year.
• DAX Measures showing the Total Achievements, Average Speed, Kudo’s and Total Duration
• Use of the Custom Visual Info Graphic which displays the data with different icons for the different sports.
o The size of the icons relates to the DAX measure.
o It also demonstrates the custom visuals which can be acquired from the Microsoft Store, or if required even build your own Custom Visual.
• Showcasing the built-in mapping capabilities that are part of Power BI.