The What-If Analysis Power BI Report shows the recently added functionality where you can now create a What-If Scenario and by simply changing the number of years it will dynamically change the output.

The What-If Analysis is really powerful when looking at forecasting or trying to understand how your business model will change if a price has to increase or decrease. The What-If analysis works in real-time with your data and you can see immediate results.

Specific highlights in the What-If Analysis report are:
• The ability to use the What-If to change the number of years to compare.
• The Text Based Analysis will show the top highest changes in Crime based on your What-If Analysis selection
o If you selected to show the last 6 years, it will compare the latest crimes for today compared to 6 years ago.
o It will then only show the top 3 crimes along with the percentage change.
• The option to select all, multiple or a single suburb in Queensland.
• The chart on the top right-hand side showing the crimes over time based on the selections.
• And the bottom right-hand side report showing the Top 10 crimes based on percentage change.