For those people interested in how did the name FourMoo come about, below are the details on how this happened!

I was searching for a domain name, and I wanted something that would be easy to remember, easy to type, as well as being agnostic to what I am doing. So off I went hunting for a domain name. I first had the idea for the Moo part, because I call my 2 kids Moo or MooMooPoo. So I started searching for domain names, I first started with TwoMoo but that was taken. Then I though, wait a minute, there are 4 of us in your family. Wife, myself, kid 1 and kid 2. SO what about FourMoo. And it was available. So I snapped it up there and then.

Then I thought, I have always used Moo with my kids in the context of a cow. So I asked my brother who is a graphic designer to come up with something and this is what he did. I think it is awesome. And so many people have commented that they always remember the little cow! So a job well done.

It also reflects on the way in which I work. That is that I work hard, but at the same time I enjoy that I am doing, and want to spread that joy with the people I am working for or with. That also means a relaxed and fun working environment. No need to get to serious or take myself to seriously. It is all about getting the job done, whilst enjoying it.