Following on from how to format the date in Analysis Services UDM Model, today I found myself trying to do the same thing for the tabular model. Where Excel was viewing the dates as a label and not as an actual Date. And after some looking around it is fairly simple to implement so that you can then use the Date Functions within Excel.

  1. Go into your Tabular Project
  2. Go into your Date Sheet that you have imported.
  3. Then click on any Column within your Date Sheet, so that it is selected

i.      NOTE: I had already set the properties in my Date Column to the following:

  1. Now at the topclick on Table, then click on Date, then you will see Mark As Date Table.

  1. This will then open the Mark as Date Table Window
    1. Click on the drop down and select your correctly formatted Date Column.

i.      In my example below it was called Date


  1. Then click Ok.
  2. Now deploy and then process your Tabular Model.
  3. Now when you go into Excel you will see the following: