Below I will explain how to use Calculation Groups with Disconnected tables.

I know that some of this might be able to be done with other calculation groups. I find I have more flexibility when combining Calculation Groups with a disconnected table.

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My working example

In my working example below, I am going to show you how I create a disconnected table that uses the 3 measures shown below.

Creating the Disconnected table

As I have explained before Power BI – Using a Slicer to show different measures

Below is what my Disconnected table looks like which was called ‘Measure Table’

One of the things to note from above is that I added the “Measure Sort By” column to sort my disconnected measures in a particular order.

Creating the Disconnected measure

The next step is I had to create the disconnected measure which would get the inputs from the disconnected table above to get the right measure

Disconnected Measure = VAR MySelectedValue =
    SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Measure Table'[Measure Name], "Sales" )
VAR DynamicMeasure =
    SWITCH (
        TRUE (),
        MySelectedValue = "Sales", [Sale],
        MySelectedValue = "Margin", [Gross Margin],
        MySelectedValue = "Unit Cost", [Units],
        BLANK ()

Creating the Calculation Group Item

Finally, I get to the step where I show you how I link the disconnected table with the calculation group. This also allows me to set the Format String for each measure when using the calculation groups.

  • I already had a Calculation Group created.
  • I right clicked and selected “New Calculation Item”
  • I then gave it the name of Disconnected.
  • Under Expression I put in SELECTEDMEASURE()
    • This allows me to get the measure that has been selected from my measure above [Disconnected Measure]
  • Then under Format String Expression, I put the following below which would format the measure based on the item
    VAR MeasureName =
        SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Measure Table'[Measure Name], SELECTEDMEASURENAME () ) 
    VAR CurrencyFormatDecimal =
        SWITCH (
            TRUE (),
            MeasureName = "Margin", "#,##0.00 %",
            MeasureName = "Sales", "$#,##0",
            MeasureName = "Unit Cost", "#,##0.00",
    • What I am doing above is for each particular measure I am formatting it based on the underlying measure
  • This is what it looks like once completed
  • I then saved this to my PBIX file

Working version using the Disconnected Table with the Calculation Group

Below I show you what it looks like when using the Disconnected table with the Calculation Group

  • As shown below is the report with no calculation group items selected
  • As you can see above the order of the measure are following my sort order that I defined earlier.
  • Now, when I click on the Calculation Group Item “Disconnected”, it then formats my measures as expected.
  • I also have the added flexibility if required to select a single measure, and keep the formatting in place


In this blog post I have shown you how to create and configure a disconnected table and use it with a calculation group

I hope you found this useful and if you have any questions or comments please leave it in the comments section below!