In the past when I was answering questions I always had to get a screenshot, save it into an image and then upload the image.

That was a real pain in the ……!

I have to give full credit to fellow MVP Wyn Hopkins who made this discovery, you can find him on Twitter or LinkedIn

How to paste a screenshot/image

  • The first thing I do is to make sure I am signed into the Power BI Community.
  • Once I am signed in and about to answer a question I will have the option to upload a photo as shown below.
  • Next, I make sure that I have got my screenshot into my clipboard
    • Quick Tip: I use OneNote for my daily tasks and use the OneNote Screen clipping tool. The biggest reason is that when using the Screen clipping tool, you do not lose any context menu’s that you have on your screen. It is really useful.
  • I then click on Photos which then displays the following screen shown below.
  • I first click on the area for an image above, just to make sure it has got focus.
  • I then press CTRL + V (Paste) and then my screenshot is then pasted into the window, once again as shown below.
  • And I then click Done
  • Once it is uploaded I can then see it in my post

I do hope that this tip will assist people in the Power BI Community, and help them upload more images, which often really helps assist people trying to answer questions.

And finally, here is an animated GIF showing how it all works.