I recently had an issue on a customer’s server, where I was developing Power BI Desktop reports. And the C: Drive was running out of disk space, which was attributed to my user profile.

Upon inspection I found that the TempSaves directory had a whole stack of temporary files saved in there. Even though I had previously selected to change the option in Power BI Desktop to delete files

I am pretty confident it has to do with the Auto recovery feature in Power BI Desktop.

If you are ever having any issues here is where you can go and delete the unwanted files that are no longer relevant.

Click on Start, then Run and put the following into the Run Command below.

%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\TempSaves

This should then open the location of the Temp Saves for Power BI Desktop Files.

I then selected all the files that I knew I no longer needed.

And then deleted them.

NOTE: I did keep the most recent file, which had todays date, which I did currently have open.

I then could get back roughly 10GB of disk space.