I recently had a challenge where a report was shared with a whole lot of people (Which is a good thing!).

The challenge was that when you share reports, by default it has the option to “Reshare” as shown below.

Whilst this sometimes is what is required, I always suggest to people to remove this option and rather manage it by exception.

If you do leave this option enabled, it means if I had to share a report with Bob, Bob would then be able to reshare the report with someone else. This could potentially lead to other people gaining access to a report or data that they should not see.

Fortunately, I found a way to quickly remove the reshare option in the Power BI Service.

  • I went into my dataset that had been shared, clicked on the three dots and seleted Manage Permissions
  • I could then see all the users and groups with access
  • I then selected the users I where I wanted to change their permissions.
    • What I did find is that were the permissions were common between users I could change those permissions.
    • For example, if I selected Gilbert Quevauvilliers and guavaq I then had the option to “Remove build or Remove access”
    • And if I there were differences between all 3 selected users, I would get the option of “No Actions Available”
  • Back to removing the reshare permissions, I then selected all the users who had “reshare” under permissions and selected “Remove reshare”
  • NOTE: I did have to wait a few seconds for this to happen, so just be patient and let it do its thing.
  • I could then see the changes reflected.
  • That is a lot easier than having to do it manually especially if you got a lot of users or groups.

Thanks for reading I hope that you found this useful and could save you some time.

As always comments and questions are welcome!