Here is the weekly BI-RoundUp, lots of great things happened in the past week!

Power BI – Developer Update

There is now a developer update for Power BI Developer, and there are a whole host of new updates for the Power BI Developers. I will give a brief overview of each section and if you want more details please click on the link further below.

Embed Capabilities

With the single visual embedding there now is the functionality to be able to embed a single visual into a page as shown below. Or it is possible to select multiple visuals and decide their size and position of each one

Now there is also the option to define the Custom layout sizing with regards to the Page Layout as well as the Visual layout.

There is now also a phased loading of embedded content where there is the option now to call it in the following order

  • Preload
  • Load metadata
  • Render Object

There is now more Tile Embedding options as shown below

We added support for more tile types that can be embedded. Here are the additional tile types:

  • Live page tiles
  • Custom visual tiles
  • R visual tiles
  • Live stream tiles
  • Image tiles
  • Video tiles
  • Web content tiles
  • Q&A tiles
  • Visio tiles

Automation and Life Cycle Management

There is the option now to Update a report, as with their example if you have deployed a report to 20 different organizations and you want to make a change, you can now leverage the Update report API. But this is something that I would test and read through the documentation as it does say that “an update operation changes the entire content of the report”

There is now also Row Level Security (RLS) for Tiles and Dashboards that have been embedded

New Capabilities in Azure

There is now the capability to use the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) with PowerShell to automatically manage Power BI Embedded Azure SKU’s (A)

As well as an updated version of the Custom Visuals API in which there is now Authentication with Azure Active Directory (AAD) and localize anything with the localization manager.

You can find all the details for the Power BI Developer Update here: Power BI Developer community January update

Power BI – Balanced Scorecard

This blog post goes into details on how people within Microsoft are utilizing Balanced Scorecards and KPIs to measure their success. It goes into details on how they measure their success and use Power BI in order to visually see how they are doing.

This is a great blog post if you are looking to implement scorecards and KPIs and is well worth the read.

You can find more details here: Balanced Scorecards in Power BI

Power BI – Deep Dive at Data & BI Summit in Ireland

If you are looking to go to the Data & BI summit in Ireland from 24 – 26 April 2018, be sure to attend the Deep Dive, which will be presented by Will Thompson, Amanda Cofsky and Chuck Sterling from Microsoft.

You can find more details about the Deep Dive here: Microsoft Deep Drive Track at the Data and BI Summit April 22-26

Power BI – Difinity Conference

I am honoured to be presenting my session at the Difinity conference on Power BI Row Level Security Made Easy

It is not too late to get a ticket, there are also some great pre-con sessions and I am almost spoilt for choice in terms of which one to select.

I am also looking forward to meeting up with fellow Power BI guru’s, as well as others from Microsoft.

If you want to find more information please find it here: Difinity 2018