What happened was when I created my KPIs everything was looking correct. But when I dragged in the hour value, I kept on getting an Unknown in my results set for my KPI Goal.


Below I will explain how this came about and how I got it resolved.


1.       Below is what my KPI Goal looked like as described in the above error

a.        clip_image002[4]

b.       As you can see above I have an Unknown which is causing it to look untidy and incorrect.

2.       Initially I thought that this had to do with the actual way I had complied the KPI Goal.

a.        This was because I was going back 7 days to the same hour as shown with the KPI Goal Expression below:

((ParallelPeriod([Date].[Date Hierarchy].[Full Date],7,[Date].[Date Hierarchy].CurrentMember),

                  ParallelPeriod([Time].[Time Hierarchy].[Hour],0,[Time].[Time Hierarchy].CurrentMember))


3.       So after playing around with the KPI Goal Expressions for a while I thought to go and check the Time Dimension instead.

4.       I then found the following under the Properties for the Time Dimension, by right clicking on the actual name of my Dimension and then selecting Properties

a.        clip_image004[4]

5.       I then changed the UnknownMember from Visible to Hidden as shown below.

a.        clip_image006[4]

6.       I then did a Process Full on my Dimension, after which I had to the process my cubes in order to get them back into a query able state.

7.       After which I refreshed my spreadsheet and I now saw the following:

a.        clip_image008