One of the great things about Power BI is how they make things a lot easier and better to use.

I have been answering some questions in the Power BI Community and other people have been looking into using Power BI Embedded.

This led me to find out that there is a quick and easy way to test out Power BI Embedded. The best part is that I can use my own reports and do a drag and drop test!

I will show you how to do this in the steps below. Let me caveat this blog post that I am not very experienced in Power BI Embedded.

The first thing to do is go to the following URL which is where you can find the Power BI Embedded Playround

Power BI Playground – Developer Sandbox

When this loads, I then get 3 options, now to load my own reports I select “Use my own Power BI report”

Once I have logged in then based on my permissions, I selected the App workspace called “PPU Space Testing” and then the report called “Exact Aggs – PPU”

I then click on Embed.

What happens is this then loads the page, and I can see my report as shown below with the entire web page shown

Now in my example where I like to keep it light and straight forward, what I am going to do is to hide all visual headers.

As shown below when I currently hover over the visual, I can see the visual headers

I then find the “Hide all visual headers” under Layout and drag it into the code area

I can then see it in the code area

Now I click on Run to run the code against my Power BI report

Once it is finished, I then get a confirmation as shown below.

Now when I hover over the same visual, I can no longer see the visual headers

This is seriously cool and makes it super easy for people to get started with Power BI Embedded!


In this blog post I have shown you how to connect to Power BI Embedded, then use your own report and put in some embedded code and see it all working in a single window.

You can also watch this amazing video from Guy In a Cube INSANE AMAZING updates for the Power BI Embedded Playground (2021) – YouTube

Thanks for reading and if you got any questions or suggestions please let me know.