By default, when using Power BI Premium or Power BI Premium per user the dataset size is set to 10GB.

I have had the wonderful experience of refreshing my dataset and getting the following error:

In the steps below I will show you how to change this setting to allow for larger dataset sizes.

Finding the dataset GUID

The first step is I needed to find my dataset GUID. This will be used to upgrade the dataset from the storage mode of ABF to Premium Files

  • I logged into the Power BI Service and went to my Premium Per user App Workspace.
  • I then clicked on Settings in the ribbon and then on Settings in the menu
  • I then clicked on Datasets and selected my dataset where I knew it was going to grow larger than 10GB
  • Now when I clicked on the actual dataset name, in the URL I could now see my dataset GUID.
  • I then made a copy of the dataset GUID: 14867ab4-aaaa-bbbb-cccc-bcf9e1acb49c

Using PowerShell to upgrade the dataset

Yes, I know for some people PowerShell can be daunting, in the steps below you should be able to achieve this yourself too!

  • I opened up PowerShell and made sure to run it as an Administrator
  • If I had not done so already I needed to install the PowerShell Module called MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt
  • To do this I did the following:
    Install-Module MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt


    • I clicked on Yes to All
    • This then returned to the command prompt after the installation was completed.
  • The next step is to log into Power BI, this is so that I am authenticated to be able to make changes.


    • I am then prompted to Log in and authenticate
    • I can then see that I have successfully logged in on my PowerShell ISE
  • The next step is to see the current status of my dataset, which I did by taking my dataset GUID previously and running it with the following PowerShell command
    (Get-PowerBIDataset -Scope Organization -Id 14867ab4-aaaa-bbbb-cccc-bcf9e1acb49c -Include actualStorage).ActualStorage


    • I then got the following reply.
    • What this is telling me is that the current dataset is set to Abf which has got the 10GB limit
  • Following on from this I now could change my dataset to have the StorageMode of Premium files with the following PowerShell command.
    Set-PowerBIDataset -Id 14867ab4-aaaa-bbbb-cccc-bcf9e1acb49c -TargetStorageMode PremiumFiles


    • Once completed it went back to the command prompt.
  • Now please be patient and give it a few minutes to make the required changes!
  • I then re-ran the PowerShell command to see if the storage mode had been updated.
    (Get-PowerBIDataset -Scope Organization -Id 14867ab4-aaaa-bbbb-cccc-bcf9e1acb49c -Include actualStorage).ActualStorage


    • QUICK TIP:
      You can press the up arrow twice to go back to the previous command
    • I then got the following reply.
  • That is awesome, now my dataset can go beyond the 10GB dataset size limit.

The final step for me was to re-upload my PBIX file, and then start the refresh process which would then process the dataset and partitions.

NOTE: I had configured my dataset to use Incremental processing.


In this blog post I have shown you how I went about modifying my dataset size to go beyond the 10GB limit for Power BI Premium and Power BI Premium Per User.

Thanks for reading and any questions and suggestions are most welcome.