I recently had a look at my last version of my Infographic and I realized that I had not updated it for a few months and there has been a lot of incredible additions to the Power BI ecosystem.

My infographic not only contains the details outlined below, but all the prior updates too. It is incredible to see how much there is in the Power BI ecosystem.

I would encourage you to go and have a look!

Updates in Power BI Desktop

Data Profiling was added to Power BI Desktop, and as mentioned before I am certain that this will evolve and allow us to have a better grasp on the data that we are shaping

Announcement details here: Data Profiling

The modelling view is another great addition especially when working with large data models. Not only that but you can also update multiple fields at once. As well as have the ability to create folders for measures

Announcement details here: Modeling View in Power BI Desktop

Yet another great improvement is the new filtering experience, in the past this was always a challenge for report consumers to understand what was or was not being filtered in a report. Now not only can they see what is being filtered, but they also can easily filter the data to their requirements

Announcement details here: New Filtering Experience

Updates in Power BI Service

There has been a lot of incredible updates into the Power BI Service, and one of the incredible features is dataflows. This allows you to use the Power of the Power Query Engine (See what I did there!) to shape your data and store it directly in Power BI (Azure Data lake Gen2). Personally, I think that this is a game changer and will allow not only business users but even data professionals an area where they can curate and store data.

Announcement details here: Introducing: Power BI data prep with dataflows

Paginated reports are something a lot of customers have been asking for and it is now here. This is really awesome that the Power BI team is looking to bring as much of the functionality from the On-Premise SSRS into Paginated reports.

Announcement details here: Public Preview of Paginated Reports in Power BI Premium Now Available

Having a Home or starting place when going into Power BI is a welcome addition. I really like it that your favorited dashboards, reports, recent items are all available at your fingertips when you log in. Not only that but there now is a global search option to find your data assets.

Announcement details here: Introducing Power BI Home & Global Search

Having the capability to be able to update the parameters in the Power BI Service is a much needed addition. It allows you to be able to make changes to a whole host of parameter driven data assets in the Power BI Service. Which opens up a whole host of new capabilities that can be done after development. As well as being able to potentially quickly and easily change sources, change starting or ending values.

Announcement details here: Edit parameter settings in the Power BI service


As promised here a copy of the first page of my infographic.

You can also get a larger version here: FourMoo – Power BI Infographic

As always if I have forgotten anything or something needs updating please let me know in the comments section below.

This will be my last blog post for the year. Many thanks to you the reader for coming to my site and reading my blog posts. I do hope that you have round them useful and I look forward to more blog posts and more interactions with the Power BI community next year. I have a feeling that next year is going to be an incredible year.