I had seen some questions in the Power BI Community when asking how to run reports or dashboards in a browser screen so that they cannot see they buttons on the bottom left hand side.

In my example I am going to use my existing dashboard that I want to display where it does not show anything from Power BI, nor show anything from the browser that I am using.

The first thing that I do, is I navigate to my Dashboard, and then put the following at the end of the URL



Which then resulted in the following shown below without having any of the Power BI items showing

My final step to get rid of the Browser details was to press F11

As you can now see above it is just showing the Power BI Report.

And as long as this is on a big screen, it will not show any other buttons because there is no mouse moving or interactions.


I do hope that you found this blog post useful and if you have any other ways to achieve the same thing or got any comments please leave it in the section below.