Reactivated Players DAX Pattern

I had a requirement where my customer was looking to gain some insights into their data relating to reactivated players. The definition used for a reactivated player is a player that has previously played but has not played for a certain number of days. The player then comes back and plays again. So, by this definition the player is reactivated….

BI-RoundUp – Power BI (On-Premise Sept Update – Developer update for Sept – Congrats to What-If Winners – Custom Connectors in Action – Timeline Storyteller custom visual contest)

There have been quite a few updates in the past week, so please find all the related updates below, of which there have been quite a few! Power BI – On-Premise Sept Update In this month’s update for the On-Premise Gateway they have added support in the Personal mode for national clouds. There has also been a great improvement in…