Power BI RoundUp with SQL Pass updates – Dataflows – Paginated Reports (SSRS) – Premium Metrics App with Data Flows & Paginated Metrics – Paginated Reports in Mobile App – Mobile & Service Update for Oct – Bonus features coming to Power BI Desktop

As expected this week with SQL Pass, there has been a whole host of new capabilities and features in Power BI, so please see my roundup below with the relevant links below.

And even though there is a lot of announcements here, we are still waiting for the update to Power BI Desktop!!

Power BI Dataflows

One of the biggest updates and releases to Power BI is dataflows. I personally think that this is a MASSIVE differentiator from other players in the Self-Service space.

The first thing I would like to highlight is that this is available to both Power BI Pro and Premium Customers. Below is a table of the key differences.

Dataflows allows you to now build data purely inside the Power BI Service, that stores the data in Azure Data Lake Gen2.

There are so many advantages to this:

  • Not only does it allow the business user to easily access data and use it in their data model as a data source (like SQL Server)
  • It also allows for the linking of entities (Premium feature)
  • It allows for Incremental Refreshing (Premium Feature)
  • Linking of entities which works like Excel (Premium Feature)

I would highly recommend that you read the blog post here: Introducing: Power BI data prep with dataflows

And here is the link to the Whitepaper: Understanding Dataflows in Power BI

Power BI Paginated Reports (SSRS)

There is now the capability to be able to use SSRS in the cloud. This is really great news and I am certain that there are a lot of customers who have been patiently waiting for SSRS to be available in the cloud.

It is now available in Power BI Premium. And along with this out of the box there are a lot of features that are already there, and some additional features which will come later. No doubt it is a very different set of requirements to build something that will work in the cloud vs an On-Premise implementation.

Some of the potential new capabilities which will be coming in the future to Paginated reports are:

  • Support for scheduling and sending paginated reports using e-mail subscriptions and having attachments
  • Embedding in third-party applications
  • Authoring reports against Power BI datasets
  • The ability to seamlessly drill through from a Power BI report to a paginated report in the service

All the details can be found in the blog post: Public Preview of Paginated Reports in Power BI Premium Now Available

Power BI Premium Metrics App includes metrics for Dataflows & Paginated Reports

It is incredible to see the pace of innovation from Microsoft and the Power BI team. Even though both dataflows and paginated reports have just been released you can now already use the Power BI Premium metrics app to see metrics for dataflows and paginated reports.

You can now see the following metrics for Paginated reports

  • Total views of the report with average for row count
  • Total time spent on the reports between retrieval/processing/rendering
  • Split by hour, dataflow name, and workspace name

The following is also available for data flows

  • Total refresh count
  • Refresh reliability
  • Average/max duration and average/max wait times of dataflow refreshes by dataflow name and workspace name

You can find more details on the Power BI Premium Metrics App here: Paginated report metrics and dataflow metrics now available in Premium Capacity Metrics app

Power BI Mobile App with support for Paginated Reports

If you update your Power BI Mobile App, you will now have the capability to be able to see paginated reports directly within your Power BI mobile app.

Once again it is incredible to see all the new functionality released across the entire platform, not only to the Power BI Service, but to the mobile app also.

It is available in the Android, iOS and Windows Apps

More details can be found here: Power BI Paginated Reports also available in Power BI Mobile Apps (preview)

Power BI Mobile and Service updates for Oct 2018

A lot of the updates for the Power BI Mobile and Service app have already been covered in other blog posts.

Below is a list of the updates with the relevant links

BI-RoundUp – Power BI (Drill up, Drill Down Mobile App – USA Facts on Financial Data)

Here is the weekly BI-RoundUp, not too much going on this week, which gives me a little time to breathe!

Power BI – Drill Up, Drill Down on Mobile App

The Power BI Mobile App has been updated to so that now it is a lot easier to drill up or drill down on the visuals on the mobile platform.

Next on the backlog is the drill through which I am interested to see how that will work.

You can find the details here: Drill Down & Up in Power BI Mobile apps

Power BI – USA Facts on Financial Data

As you can see above there is a blog post that relates to providing a comprehensive view of the combined US federal, state and local governments’ revenues and expenditures.

There is quite a lot of details in this report and if you are interested in more details please click on the link to the blog post below.

USAFacts breaks down government financial data with Power BI

BI-Roundup – Power BI (Service & Mobile Update for March – Power BI is Hiring – Edit the Linguistic Schema for Q&A)

Here is the weekly BI-RoundUp.

Power BI – Service & Mobile Update for March

There were quite a few updates in the Power BI Service for March which was awesome.

There are now persistent filters, so that users can keep their own filters that they select on each report, which now works on both the Web and Mobile App

Organizational Custom Visuals are now Generally available.

Power BI has another certification which is HITRUST CSF certification

There is now also the mixed reality app using the Halo

The March Gateway update is available, which now not only includes the number, but it also shows the Month of the current update you have installed.

And finally, there is B2B support on the mobile app, so if you have an app shared with you from another tenant you can now see it in the mobile app.

All the details are here: Power BI Service and Mobile March Feature Summary

Power BI – Is Hiring

As you can see above the Power BI team is hiring. And quite a few roles at that, which I personally think is fantastic because it means that we can get more features quicker.

If you are interested you can find all the information here: Power BI is hiring!

Power BI – Edit the Linguistic Schema

There is a comprehensive blog post from Will Thompson in which he goes into great detail on how to edit the Linguistic Schema and enable your Q&A to answer more questions with additional synonyms and phrases.

All the details can be found here: Editing Q&A linguistic schemas

BI-RoundUp – Power BI (Usage Metrics – Mobile Apps May 2017- Stream Data Insights Summit – Processing Suggestion Idea’s for Power BI)

Here is this week’s BI-RoundUp with some great content below.

Power BI – Usage Metrics

You now have the capability to be able to view the usage metrics for your dashboards and reports in Power BI. This is a great feature, because it now gives the organization the capability to see how well the dashboards and reports are being used, shared or viewed.

In order to be able to view the metrics you need to have a Pro license, as well as at least have Edit access to the Dashboard or report to be able to view the Usage metrics.

There is also the option to disable the usage metrics for the Organization in the Admin Portal.

And finally you can also build your own Usage Report, by clicking File, Save As, and from there you are then able to modify the existing report so that it can suit your requirements.

You can find that and more details here: Usage metrics for dashboards and reports


BI-NSIGHT – Power BI (Meet 1:1 with Microsoft Expert – May & June Webinars, Sample files as PBIX, Quick Measures Gallery, Mobile App Update – April)

Here are this week’s updates, with May starting next week I am looking forward to some interesting updates with regards to Power BI.

Power BI – Meet 1:1 with Microsoft Expert

If you are attending the Microsoft Data Insights Summit you now have the opportunity to have a 1:1 session with a Microsoft Engineer for 15 minutes. If I was attending this is something that I would have already signed up to before blogging.

You can find the details here: Meet 1:1 with a Microsoft expert at Microsoft Data Insights Summit – book your appointment today!


BI-NSIGHT – Data Insights Summit (Watch online for Free) – Power BI (Service Update, Mobile App Update, ClickDimensions Content Pack) – Excel 2016 (Power Pivot Update) – SharePoint 2016 (RTM Released)

There has been quite a bit of activity this week, but just enough so that it was not hectic to try and keep up with all the updates.

Data Insights Summit – Watch Online Free

Just a quick note that you can watch the Data Insights summit online for free, of selected sessions.

I have no doubt that the keynote will be where there will be a whole host of updates and great information.

Here is the link to the article: Data Insights Summit—free online Excel and Power BI sessions

Power BI – Monthly Service Update

There are some really great functional updates in the Power BI Monthly service update.

With the updates in the dashboards it makes it easier to print from Full screen mode, change the width and also to enable or disable the Tile Flow. As per the picture above, is that what your required output is.

It is also great to see that they are always looking to improve the Q&A by adding trend lines, putting in the gauge and area charts. And finally improving the auto-complete which will help the users answer the questions that they are trying to ask. Which I feel in turn means that they can get their answers quicker and easier.

You can read about it here: Power BI Service March Update

Power BI – Mobile App Update

There have been a few updates to the Power BI Mobile app recently for all the mobile platforms.

Having the new report gallery for iPhone and Windows 10 makes it that much easier to find your reports.

A feature that I really like is the offline capability as often you might not have an internet connection, but at least that means due to the reports auto refreshing and the caching you have the ability to still be able to view your data and reports.

The updates to the special tiles is also great to see, as I am sure that the adoption of Power BI on the mobile platform means that this updates make people use their mobile devices even more often.

My final piece that I want to touch on is the ability to view the reports on all mobile platforms. As often the dashboard gives you some great insight into what is happening, but you need some more detail. Or the ability to drill down on your mobile device, and now you can do this and see the underlying report and interact with it. Which often makes the understanding of the dashboard item, and potentially gives you the ability to action something.

You can find out all about the Mobile Updates here: Power BI Mobile Apps Update – March 2016 & New offline capabilities for Power BI Mobile apps

Power BI – ClickDimensions Content Pack

This week there is yet another content pack, and on this occasion it is ClickDimensions which is email marketing and marketing automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This is a great way to interact with your data and see how successful your email marketing campaigns where.

You can find out about the content pack here: Explore your ClickDimensions data with Power BI

Excel 2016 – Power Pivot Update

It is great to see that once again Power Pivot in Excel 2016 is getting some attention.

I think that it is great to be able to save the diagram view as a picture as often that is a really easy way to visually show the mapping of your tables, and ideally if it has been built with best practice in mind, showing the star schema.

Also the enhanced edit relationship makes it a lot easier and quicker to create relationships.

You can find details here: New feature updates for Power Pivot in Excel 2016

SharePoint 2016 – RTM

It seems in my mind that the release of SharePoint 2016 has not got the publicity that I imagined or thought that it would receive.

But it is great to see that it has been finally released and I have no doubt that soon I will see some blog posts about the new capabilities.

You can read about the release here: SharePoint 2016 RTM and the Future of SharePoint event