Power BI InfoGraphic Update – Sep 2018

It has been a few months since I have updated my Power BI InfoGraphic and with the speed at which this all changes and updates I have always had a challenge to keep it up to date.

The following items have been added with links to more details:

Please find below the latest version as at September 2018. I always also keep the latest version of the InfoGraphic here: Power BI InfoGraphic Overview

You are welcome to share this infographic with anyone, as long as the author is given credit for the creation.

If there is anything missing or needs to be updated, please leave it in the comments section below.

Power BI Infographic Update – June 2018

There have recently been quite a few changes and updates to Power BI, so in this blog post I have updated my Infographic. As well as put in references to where you can find more details on the updates that I have made to the infographic.

Below are the relevant links

Filter and Sort in the Data View in Power BI Desktop

Dashboard Themes in the Power BI Service

Persistent Filters for reports in the Power BI Service

Custom Data Connectors using the On-Premise Data Gateway in Personal Mode to refresh data

Incremental Data Refresh currently for Power BI Premium Customers

Power BI InfoGraphic Update – Mar 2018

There have recently been some changes to Power BI with regards to the new features which I will detail below. Which I also have updated in my InfoGraphic

In the latest version of both Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service, there now is the new capability to “Ask a question” and Sync Slicers.

You can find more details with regards to these two new features below.

Ask a Question

Sync Slicer

As always you can get the updated copy of the complete InfoGraphic here: Power BI InfoGraphic

If there are any questions or comments please leave them in the section below.

Power BI Embedded InfoGraphic

There has recently been a lot of talk around Power BI Embedded for various reasons.

The first being that Power BI Embedded can be used to for Power BI Reporting requirements, where the users are viewing it from an internal application. This can work for existing applications where a business has data. As well as potentially as another avenue to limit costs of using Power BI.

The second is that there are now 3 different Power BI Embedded SKUs which can also create confusion with regards to which SKU is applicable to me in my organization.

So below is the Power BI Embedded Infographic that I have created. I do hope that this infographic will simplify the different versions for Power BI Embedded.

As well as give a clear indication, to show based on what you are trying to achieve, which option is best suited.

I did source this information from the following blog post from the Power BI Team: Power BI Developer community October update

You can also find the image in the following location: Power BI Embedded

As always, if there are any questions or there is anything that I have left out, or incorrect please let me know and I will happily assist or resolve any issues.

Nov 2017 Update to Power BI Overview Infographic

There has been quite a few changes and updates since I last reviewed my Power BI Overview Infographic. I thought it was time for an update, and here is what has been updated.

Please feel free to share this with other people new to Power BI, or people who want to get a more general feeling of all the moving parts in Power BI.

Here is a link to where you can find the Power BI Overview InfoGraphic as well as what the main page of the Infographic looks like.


The bookmark feature has been blogged about quite a lot, and it is a great edition to enable better story telling using Power BI.

You can find details about bookmarking here: Use bookmarks to share insights and build stories in Power BI (Preview)

Selection Pane

The selection pane allows you to control if an item in your report will be made visible or not visible (Invisible maybe!)

It is also a great way when there is a lot of items on your report page, to select the item from the Selection Pane, which will then have it selected for you.

You can also use to show or hide items from the Selection Pane as part of your Bookmarks, so you can make it appear as if items are moving or vanishing from your report.

The Power BI team has already made some improvements by allowing you to order the items in the Selection Pane.

You can find more details here: Power BI Desktop Oct 2017 – Selection Pane

Lock Objects

This new feature allows you to lock Objects so that they will not move. This is great when you are showing people what you have been doing and are in edit mode.

As well as great for presentations when you do not want anything to move.

You can find more information here: Power BI Desktop Nov 2017 – Lock Objects


If there are any items that are not included in my Infographic or are incorrect please let me know in the comments section below.

Power BI – Overview Infographic

I like to keep up to date with what is going on with Power BI.

And with all the recent changes I have spent some time updating my Power BI Overview Infographic to better represent all the new changes.

You will see that I have changed the way that it looks and divided it into 3 sections based on how I typically use Power BI.

Starting with Power BI Desktop, then the Power BI Service and finally connecting to On-Premise data sources.

If you have any questions or anything is missing please let me know.

You can also find download copies of the images here: Power BI Overview Infographic


Power BI – Free vs Pro Infographic

I have been active on the Power BI Community Page for quite some time, and what I have often seen is people not quite sure what options are free and what options require a Pro license.

So here is my infographic in which I have put down which options are free and which options will require a Pro license.

I am hopeful that people will find this useful in understanding which options are free and which options require a Pro license.

If I have left anything out, or something is wrong please let me know and I will update it.

As well as I will keep this infographic up to date as there no doubt will be some additions to the Power BI Service.

















You can access the images from the following link: Power BI Free vs Pro Infographic – Latest Version

Power BI – Infographic for Power BI from an end to end perspective

So for a bit of a change, this blog post will not have a whole lot of technical details, but instead I wanted to share something that I have been working on for quite some time.

It is an infographic for Power BI from an end to end perspective.

I have found this very useful when chatting to people about Power BI, as well as in training sessions. This allows people to get an overview of how all the pieces of Power BI piece together.

I have tried to keep it as simple as possibly, but at the same time also provide enough information.

Below are the images in this blog post, as well as also links to where you can download the images if you wish to use them in presentation or training session.

Page 1

Page one is the graphical overview of the Power BI from an end to end view.


Page 2

Page 2 is a high level text based Infographic of Power BI from an end to end view.


If there is anything that I have left out, please let me know, as I will endeavour to keep this current and up to date.

You can access the images from the following link: Power BI Infographic – Latest Version