Power BI RoundUp – Webinar on Advanced Data Prep – Data Flows in Power BI – On-Premise Data Gateway Update – New Power BI Regions in Azure – General Availability of Custom & Certified Data Connectors

Here is my weekly Power BI related round up, I hope that you find this information relevant and keeps you up to date with everything that is happening with regards to Power BI.

Power BI – Webinar on Advanced Data Prep with Dataflows


There is an upcoming Webinar on 13 November 2018, where Anton Fritz will introduce you to what Power BI Data Flows are and how they can be used.

The Webinar details can be found here: With Power BI dataflows for unified data and powerful insights

Blog – Dataflows in Power BI

If you are interested in Power BI Dataflows, Matthew Roche from the Power BI team has a series of 6 blog posts where he goes into a lot more details on data flows, what they are and how they can be used.

I have read all of them and I would recommend reading through them if you are interested in how you can leverage Power BI dataflows going forward.

As well as hit the ground running.

Blog post details here: Dataflows in Power BI

Power BI – On-Premise Data Gateway Update for Nov

There is an update for the On-Premise Data Gateway for November, where they have updated the Gateway with the following:

  • Enhancements to the Vertica and OData connectors
  • Public preview for the SAP HANA & BW Single Sign On (Kerberos) Support
  • Improved Diagnostics
  • October 2018 Mashup Engine

You can find all the details here: On-premises data gateway October update is now available

Power BI – New Power BI Regions

It was announced this week that you can now get Power BI in 3 new Azure Regions which are:

  • Central India
  • Australia East
  • Central US (Iowa)

You can find more details here: New Power BI regions in India, Australia, and the United States

Power BI – General Availability of Custom & Certified Data Connectors

Custom & Certified data connectors are now generally available in the Power BI Service.

This will now allow you to not only connect to any data source but also have the functionality to be able to refresh the data via the On-Premise Data Gateway

You can find more details here: Announcing General Availability of Custom and Certified Connectors for Power BI

Power BI Infographic Update – June 2018

There have recently been quite a few changes and updates to Power BI, so in this blog post I have updated my Infographic. As well as put in references to where you can find more details on the updates that I have made to the infographic.

Below are the relevant links

Filter and Sort in the Data View in Power BI Desktop

Dashboard Themes in the Power BI Service

Persistent Filters for reports in the Power BI Service

Custom Data Connectors using the On-Premise Data Gateway in Personal Mode to refresh data

Incremental Data Refresh currently for Power BI Premium Customers