All Fabric Workload Items are now available from the Scanner API

I was working with the customer and was looking for some information in the Scanner API.

For a change I went into Power Query and expanded the workspaces item.

And this is where I found now that all the fabric workload items are available.

A screenshot of a computer

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You might notice in the above screenshot that Direct Lake and Dataflow Gen2 was not in the list. This was because Direct Lakes fall under Datasets (Semantic Models) and Dataflow Gen2 falls under Dataflows.

To find this information I had to dig into the datasets and dataflows and extract the relevant information.

As you can see below here is a report that are created which shows all the fabric workload items in my tenant (including Direct Lake and Dataflow Gen2).

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Another interesting aspect I had to this is if I have a customer who specifically wanting people to not create fabric workload items, I could use this as a Scanner API to detect if and when this does happen on a workspace.

I could then create an alert using Power Automate and automatically notify the responsible people if this did occur.


In this blog post I have shown you how you can now view your Fabric workload items in your tenant.

Here is a link to my PBIT file, which you can use to the connect to your Scanner API data here: Fabric Items – Scanner API.pbit

Any questions or suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks for reading!