I have been recently using the Power BI PowerShell modules to get some information from the Power BI APIs to store the data.

I ran into an issue where something was not working and I found a great cmdlet which allowed me to view the Power BI errors that I had been querying via PowerShell.

NOTE: To use the PowerShell cmdlet below I installed the following Power BI PowerShell Modules (Yes lots of Power words used )


To find the error, I did the following below.

In my PowerShell ISE I ran the following command

Resolve-PowerBIError -Last

Because I had used the “-Last” option it would show me the last error I had.

As you can see above there was an issue with the credentials being either the username or password.

This was indeed the case as I had the wrong password. Once I corrected the password, I could then log in.


I do hope that you found this blog post useful on how to find Power BI PowerShell issues and being able to see what the actual error was. This can often save a lot of time and effort in resolving an error.

If you have any questions or comments, they are most welcome.

Thanks for reading