I was recently doing some testing and when I went to share a Power BI report with an external (B2B) user I could not initially find out how to do this.

NOTE: I had already created my External (B2B) users, you can follow this guide below if you still need to create the external (B2B) users: Distribute content to external guest users with Azure AD B2B – Power BI | Microsoft Docs

I thought it would be good to share the steps on how I achieved this below.

Click on Share

The default is shown below, the default is to share with people in your organization.

It also defaults allowing them to view and re-share (Which I think is very dangerous)!

To change this to share with external users I then clicked on the item shown below.

I then changed the settings to “Specific people”.

I also removed the ticks from both boxes below which would allow them to re-share and build content.

I then clicked Apply.

Now back in the send link window I then selected the external user, which in my example is my email address as shown below. Which I then clicked on.

I could then see the name selected.

I could then type a message if required I typically click on Send so that the external user will get an email with the link to the report.

Finally, I got the confirmation that it had been sent.

Once the external user then receives the email they could then click on the link and view the report.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you found this guide useful when sharing a report with external users.

Any questions or comments are most welcome.