I was recently working with an overseas customer and when I tried to open the PBIX file I got the following error

“Culture Name ‘en-IL” is not valid or is not supported”

This is the error as shown below.

When I saw the error, I thought that this might be related to the different language settings between my PC and the customers PC.

To me the clue was the “en-IL”, I know my culture here in Australia is “en-AU”

To fix this I had to go into Control Panel.

I then searched for and clicked on Region, which brought up the Region window below.

NOTE: The Region window might look slightly different depending on which version of Windows you are running.

I then clicked on Language Preferences

When the Language window opens, I then clicked on “Add a language” as shown below.

I then searched in the search section for “en-il” as shown below.

I then clicked on “English (en-IL) and clicked Add.

I could then see in Languages as shown below.

NOTE: I still kept English United States as default.

I then went back to my PBIX file, double clicked and it successfully opened


In this blog post I have shown you how I troubleshooted a language error I had when trying to open a PBIX file.

I hope that this will assist people in the future who might come across this error.

Thanks for reading and any comments or suggestions are most welcome.