In this series of blog posts, I am going to show you how I created a solution for a client.

I got the following question from a customer I was consulting to:

“There are so many reports in the organization, I would like to know which Power BI Reports I have got access to in a central location”

This got me thinking, is there a way I could create a Power BI report, which would display all the reports for the logged in user.

Not only that could I also provide a link to the report even if it was shared with me via “Shared with me” or via an “App”

In an organization where there are a lot of reports, very often the end users might get access to a report and do not even know that they have this new awesome report that they can view. By creating the Power BI Reports List it allows a user to have a central place to start where they can see all their reports.

In this blog post series, I am going to go through how I got this completed with the following blog posts coming up!

Part 1 – Using the power BI Scanner to get App Workspace data.

Part 2 – Using the Power BI Rest APIs for Apps and Apps Users data.

Part 3 – Creating the “Power BI Users Reports List” report

Here is a sneak peak of what the final Power BI report looks like at the end of the blog series!

Next week I will begin with Part 1 – Using the power BI Scanner to get App Workspace data.