Recently I found out a way to update the advanced filtering pane to show more than the default of two items.

This is what it looks like by default.

What I figured out was to then have an extra 4 options to filter on.

The reason that this came about is because I was using at integer field which does not allow for searching as shown below.

To do this, I did the following below.

For my WWI Customer ID filter what I did was to then select any 4 items as shown below.

I then changed the filter from Basic filtering to Advanced filtering.

As shown below I now have got 4 items to select below.

I can then change any of the filtering to what ever I required and could put in those details.


In this blog post I have demonstrated how to change the filtering from two values to multiple values, allowing me to then have an easy way to update the filters that I needed to complete.

Thanks for reading I hope you found this useful.

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome