I was recently doing some testing with regards to permissions on datasets in the Power BI Service, and I came across two things.

  • First, was that I found I could create access to a dataset where the user’s permission was “Read”
  • I subsequently found that when a user has read permissions to a dataset, they can access it even if the dataset is in another app workspace.
    • As far as I understand in the past the user had to have the “build” permissions.

In this blog post I will show you how I created the “Read” permissions, and then show you how I tested to a report using a dataset in a remote/another app workspace.

Creating the Read permission on a dataset

To create the read permission below, I will show you how I did this on an existing dataset.

I went to the dataset and clicked on Manage Permissions

I then clicked on Add User

I then add the user, making sure to de-select “Allow recipients to share this dataset” and “Allow recipients to build content with the data associated with this dataset”

I clicked on Grant access, and I then got confirmation on the top right-hand side.

I could then see the user as shown below with the Permissions of “Read”


Please be aware when granting an internal user read permissions, the users will be able to view reports, but they will not be able to connect with Excel.

Viewing a report where the dataset is in a remote/another app workspace

The other thing I realized is that with the user now having read permissions, I am able to view the report from a remote/another app workspace.

Previously I had to give the users the build permissions on the dataset for the user to view the report.

As shown below (and you just HAVE to believe me) that this report is in a remote/other app workspace

And now when I click onto the report, I can now view the report.


As I have shown in this blog post there is the capability to use the “Read” permissions on a dataset.

Not only that, now the read permissions can be used to view reports/datasets in remote/other app workspaces.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below. Once again thanks for reading!