This is my final post and conclusion in my blog series to look at migrating from AAS to PPU.

I have really enjoyed the series and I have learnt a lot along the way, I hope you enjoyed following along!


Below is my outcome for each blog series, you can also click on the link if you want to go to the actual blog post.

As you can see below, I personally think that each of the items I highlighted can be achieved when moving to PPU.

Where it is applicable I am looking to move certain customers from AAS to PPU.

I will also agree that there is not 100% parity between some of the more advanced functionality between AAS and PPU, but those gaps are getting closed very quickly and soon I think that there will be no difference between AAS and PPU.

Thanks for following along in this blog post series and as always if you have any comments or suggestions to improve this please let me know.