I have been doing a lot of evaluation and investigations for organizations who currently are using Azure Analysis Services (AAS) and looking to see if they can leverage Power BI Premium Per User (PPU)

In this series I am going to cover the following details below, which I completed to see if the migration was not only feasible but should be the new normal.

If I have missed anything out, or something you think I should cover, please let me know in the comments section.

Query Performance – Part 1

Scalability – Part 2

Data Loading – Part 3

Incremental Refresh – Part 4

Reprocessing of data – Part 5

Logs – Part 6

Modelling – Part 7

Deployment – Part 8

Row Level Security – Part 9

Costs – Part 10

Conclusion of Series – Part 11

This is a short and sweet blog post for this week.

I am looking forward to putting this series together, thanks for reading!