There have been some recent updates to the Power BI Service that allow for certified Apps to be features in the Home section.

Along with this, there is now the capability for your App to feature first when users view the Apps that they have access to in the Power BI Service.

In this blog post I am going to demonstrate how to achieve this.

Certifying an App

I was pleasantly surprised today when I want into the Power BI Service and when into the settings for my App Workspace to see an option for App as shown below.

I then clicked on App, which then allowed me to update the Endorsement.

Below the endorsement there was now also an option for this to feature on Home, which I also enabled.

More details on the featured contents can be found here: Feature content on colleagues’ Power BI Home page

I then clicked Apply.

Now I had my App certified and featured on the Home Page, which I can show below.

When I now go to my apps, I now can see my certified apps appear first in the list.

If you noticed on the right-hand side, the default sorting is now to Sort by Endorsement, which allows for my certified app to be first in the list.

More details on Endorsement of your content can be found here: Endorse your content


In this blog post I have demonstrated how to get an app certified and then feature on Home and in Apps