I had a requirement to take the overall target amount and split it for each month. But also, for it to be cumulative for each month going forward.

The Target amount was 600,000 per month

This is what the DAX measure looked like

Target by Month = 
VAR MyTarget = 6 * 6000000
VAR TargetPerMonth =
    DIVIDE ( MyTarget, 6 )
VAR MonthNumber =
    MIN ( 'Date'[Calendar Month Number] )
VAR CumulativeTarget =
        TargetPerMonth * MonthNumber,
        FILTER (
            ALLSELECTED ( 'Date'[Date] ),
            'Date'[Date] <= MAX ( 'Order'[Order Date Key] )

And this is what it looked like when used with a cumulative total


Sometimes I find that it is easy to create a DAX measure to solve a business problem without having to go back and try and create some data in the source.

I hope you found this useful and as always comments or suggestions are most welcome.