The Power BI team has been doing a lot of incredible work. The most recent update which I got wind of is Custom Formatting of measures is now supported for Visuals.

This has already been deployed to the Power BI Service and if you download the
latest version of Power BI Desktop (Version 2.83.5894.961 as at 03 Aug 2020) it has the new features. This means you can use this TODAY!

Previously this was only supported for tables and matrixes.

As with my previous blog post (How to create and use Calculation Groups in Power BI Pro & Premium / Azure Analysis Services / SQL Server Analysis Services 2019) where I had detailed how to configure Custom Format Strings for measures using calculation groups there is no code change that needs to happen if you have implemented this already.

I am going to show you below what this now looks like in Power BI.

To get this working I created my Power BI report and I put in my measure called [Values] and the Date into the Axis

I then created a Slicer and put in the Metric name from my Calculation Group

This is what the same visual looks like below when using the Metric Names from the Calcualtion Group

Margin which is formatted as a percentage (%)

Sales which is formatted with the currency ($)

Unit Cost which is formatted as a fixed decimal point (0.00)

In the GIF below I will show you how I move between each of the Custom Format Strings.


In this short and sweet blog post I have shown the update to Power BI which is already available for you to use the Custom Format Strings with visuals in Power BI too.

Any questions or comments are always welcome. Thanks for reading.