I got the following error DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_SpooledOperationMissing”,”parameters”:{},”details”:[],”exceptionCulprit”:1

This error was caused because the current Virtual machine where the On-Premise Data Gateway was running was cloned and then started up.

The result was that this then caused the Power BI Service to not correctly connect to the valid Gateway. The reason is that there were 2 servers running, with the same name, same configuration and same software installed.

In order to solve this, I had to uninstall the On-Premise Data Gateway on the new server.

Then re-install the On-Premise Data Gateway on the new server.

I also went into the Power Platform Admin center and made sure that the Gateway had the correct details as shown below.

My final step was to then test and refresh the dataset and it refreshed successfully.


I hope that this will assist others in finding an issue with their On-Premise Data Gateway. It did take me quite a while to figure this solution. Hopefully this will assist others if they run into this issue.

As always thanks for reading, if there are any comments please leave them in the section below.