I have been working on implementing changes with the new PowerShell script Get-PowerBIActivityEvent from the Power BI team.

One of the awesome things is that I noticed that there are some additional fields in the data extract. This then allowed me to be able to provide additional reporting insights. For example, which reports, and dashboards are consumed via an App!

I have really enjoyed the blog post by Chris Hamill how better to display Power BI reports and I have tried to take what I have learnt from him and incorporate it into this report.

Below are the details of how I created the updated report with additional insights.

Additional columns

Below are the additional columns that were added from the Get-PowerBIActivityEvent

New reporting insights

From the above columns one of the big questions I had previously been asked was, who and how many people are viewing the reports and dashboards that are being distributed via an App.

I could now do this with the new columns where I did the following from my extracted dataset.

  • I went into the Power Query Editor.
  • I had already created my dataset, where I had cleaned up some of the columns and for better reporting.
  • Next I added the following custom column
  • I then deleted my existing Operation Column, renamed this column from New Operation to Operation
  • The result of this I could then see people who had consumed reports or dashboards via an App
  • Finally, I loaded this data into my dataset.
  • And as shown up above this is what my report looks like.


I hope that you found this report useful and how you can now gain additional reporting insights into your data.

Below is a link where you can download the PBIX from the above report.

Here are the parameters:

  • FolderName
    • You will have to put in the FolderName where you Audit files are extracted to.
  • Internal Domain Name
    • As well as you will have to put in your domain name, which is used in a conditional column to allow you to report on Internal or External users.


As always thanks for reading, any comments or suggestions are MOST welcome