I got this question the other day from a customer I am consulting at “How many Power BI Licenses do we have, and who are they allocated to?”

I thought that this would be useful for other people to know where to find out how many Power BI Licenses there are, if they have been fully allocated, and if so to whom.

Viewing Power BI Pro Licenses in Office 365 Admin Centre

The first thing to note is that you must be an Office 365 Global Admin to access the licenses as shown below.

  • I logged into the Office 365 Admin Centre
  • Click on Active Users
  • Then on the right-hand side I clicked on Filter
  • I then clicked on New filter
  • I gave my filter a name of “Power BI Pro Licenses”
    • Then under Assigned product license I selected Power BI Pro
  • I then click on Add
  • I can then see the users who have been allocated Power BI Pro Licenses
    • Please note that the highlighted part above is the filter that is being applied.
  • If I want to go back to the filter, I created I can click on Filter and from the drop down select “Power BI Pro Licenses”

View Allocated Power BI Licenses from the Office 365 Admin Centre

If I wanted to see how many Power BI licenses, I have and if they are all allocated I did the following:

  • I went into the Office 365 Admin Centre
  • Then under Billing, clicked on Licenses
  • I could then see Power BI Pro
  • I could then click on Power BI Pro to see who those licenses are allocated to

Viewing Power BI Pro Licenses in Azure Active Directory

There was another option where I could view the licenses in Azure Active Directory via the Azure Portal

I am not sure what permissions are required to view the licenses in Azure Active Directory. If anyone knows what those permissions are please let me know in the comments below.

  • I log into my Azure Portal.
  • I then click on Azure Active Directory
  • I then click on Licenses
  • Then on the right-hand side under quick links I clicked on “Manage your purchased licenses”
  • I could then see all my allocated licenses and how many are available.
  • I then clicked on Power BI Pro to see who the licenses have been assigned to


I hope that this blog post has made it easy and useful to find out who has been allocated Power BI Licenses. As well as if there are any available Power BI licenses.

One thing to note is that you can pool the Power BI Licenses. What this means is that you can re-assign Power BI licenses to different users. What I have done in the past is to use the Power BI Audit log and if people have not used Power BI for a certain period (typically 60 or 90 days), then the Power BI license is then taken back into the pool of Power BI licenses. Which could then potentially allow someone else to get a license.

Any comments or questions are always welcome. Thanks for reading!