I had an interesting question from a good friend of mine on Twitter (Mim), where he asked if it was possible to get notified of when there are updates to Power BI Support issues.

This got me thinking as I had already created my own Power BI Report, which sends me a daily email subscription of the Power BI Support Issues as shown below.

What I then did was to modify my existing Power BI Report, to count the number of rows where there are issues.

I put this onto a hidden page, so that I would not see it when viewing the Power BI report.

I did this by creating the following measure below

Issues Alert =
VAR TotalRows =
    COUNTROWS ( 'Issues' )
VAR MyMeasure =
        COUNTROWS ( 'Issues' ),
        'Issues'[Support Type] <> "Service Outage/Degradation"

This is what my card looked like for today where there quite a few awareness alerts

I then uploaded my PBIX to the Power BI Service into an applicable App Workspace.

Next I edited the report, so that I could then see the hidden page.

I then pinned my card visual to my Dashboard called Power BI Support Alerts. Along with this I pinned some of the other visuals from my Support Issues page, so that once complete it looked like the following below.

What I learnt was that the name you give to your Tile is the name of the Alert that gets sent via email.

I clicked on the three … for the tile and clicked on Edit details

I then gave it the Title “Power BI Support Issues”

And then clicked Ok

Then the secret sauce is where I now had to enable the alerts, by clicking on the three … and then selecting Manage alerts

I then created an Alert by clicking on Add alert rule and configure it with the following below, where the Threshold is above 0 and it must run once an hour.

I then clicked on Save and Close

My next step was to configure the Gateway data source with the following, which would allow me to refresh the data on a schedule.

I went into Manage Gateways, clicked on Add Data Source and configured it as shown below.

I then went into the Dataset Settings and connected the dataset to the Gateway

For me to get updates throughout the day I then went into the Scheduled Refresh and configured it to run 8 times a day (Because I am using Power BI Pro)

The final piece is when there was a change to the Power BI Support page, it then changed the alert status, which in turn lead to me getting an email with regards to the Alert.

Now when I got this email I could go to the dashboard and see the updates to the Power BI Support page.


I have shown today how to use Power BI to get data from the Power BI Support page. Then take this data and create a data alert which is refreshed multiple times a day to notify me if there are any new support issues.

I hope that you have found this useful and can use this in your own Power BI tenant.

Please find a link to my PBIX file Power BI Support Issues.pbix

Thanks for reading, any comments and suggestions always welcome