I had partitions already configured and running on my AAS model. Partitions allow you to process only the data that needs to be updated.

I have certainly done it in the past whereby mistake I updated all the partitions, which would mean I would then need to re-process them. This would not only take a lot of time (due to the size of the data) it would also mean there is no data in my fact table, so the reports would not work.

Using BISM Normalizer (Which should be used by any AAS/SSAS Developer, and thanks to Christian Wade for the awesome work) I can easily avoid this, by using the steps below.

I open the Tabular Compare.

I then click on Options and make the following selections below.

I had to ensure that I had the following options set as shown below.

I made sure that there was a tick next to “For table updates, retain partitions”

When I look at the comparison, I can see that my table has been set to Skip based on the options I selected above.

That is it for this week, short and sweet, I hope that you found this useful.

Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.