I have seen quite a lot of chatter with regards to the Power BI Service new look and feel, which I personally really like.

People were saying that whilst they like the look and feel, it appears to be taking up more real-estate screen space. As well as others preferring the tabs along the bottom like Excel does.

I took it upon myself to do a quick and possibly quite simple test to see if the new look and feel make the report page smaller or larger.

You can find details to the blog post here: Introducing the new look for Power BI Service

Below is the original report page

If I then measure the report page on my monitor which is 1403 x 808 (My monitor is running on a resolution of 1920 x 1080

If I look at my Paint.Net it shows me the page size of the report

Now when I do the same on the new look and feel my report page looks like the following below.

Once again, I take a screenshot of the report page and it is actually bigger it is now 1465 x 842

Paint.Net is showing the page size as confirmation

That works out to being 8% larger with the new look and feel! How awesome is that?

If I, then had to overlay the old page size on top of the new page size (In Power BI Yellow!) I can see how much bigger the new page size is.

It is amazing to see that even though it might feel smaller the reality is that it actually has more screen space, and I personally think it is much easier to navigate the report with the report tabs on the left-hand side. And I am certain that a lot of work and research when into the new look and feel.

Any comments are MOST welcome.

Thanks for reading.