I was recently fortunate enough to go to the Microsoft Business Applications Summit where I had a great experience.

One of the things that they did talk to, was creating links within the New App Experience which could link to other web pages or documents.

This is really an awesome feature, and it enables users to stay within the App and get a wealth of information. I really like this new app experience.

I wanted to see if I could get this working and I will demonstrate how I got it working within my App as shown below.

As always, I will demonstrate this with a working example.

In my example I am going to use a sample Word Document that I created.

Creating the Embed Code for the Word Document

The first thing that I did was to save my Word Document to a SharePoint or OneDrive Document library used within my organization.

NOTE: I made sure NOT to use my personal SharePoint or OneDrive document library

As shown below this is what it looks like when viewing the location of the word document online

One way of knowing if you are in your personal library is that when I am in my personal library it does not show the Shared library name at the top.

As you can see below this what my personal library looks like

In order to create the embed code I completed the following steps.

NOTE: As far as I could see this HAS to be done online, you do not get the Embed Option when working with Word on the desktop application.

NOTE II: If the user is not part of my organization, I will then need to add permissions for an external user to access the word document.

  • I uploaded my word document to my SharePoint Library called FourMoo-O365
  • I then clicked on the word document to open it online.
  • I then clicked on File, Share and selected Embed
  • This then brought up the Embed Window as shown below.
  • What I then did was I copied out the entire Embed Code and Pasted it into Notepad
  • Now the challenging part is that all that I needed was the actual embedding URL from the code above.
  • What I did was to copy only the embed code from the following section as shown below, which was everything between the first ” and second “
  • Now I had my Embed code that I could test by pasting the above URL into a browser Window

Creating a New Link in the New App Experience

The final step is to now create a new link in the New App Experience that will show the users who are consuming the App the word document.

  • I went to the Navigation section.
  • I first made sure that the New navigation builder was enabled
  • Then under Navigation I clicked on the Plus Sign and selected Link
  • I then put in the following information for the Link
  • Once completed with my App it looked like the following under Navigation
  • I then clicked on Update App

I waited a minute or so and then went into my App and I then clicked on the Glossary of Terms.

And now I could see my word document embedded.


I have shown how to embed a word document into the new app experience in Power BI.

Thanks for reading once again, if there are any comments or suggestions please leave them below.