After last week, where there were actually no new Power BI items to write about, the Power BI team sure made up for it in the past week.

Please find all the updates below.

Dataflows now Generally Available

I have to give a big kudos to the Power BI team, to not only now having this as Generally Available, but they went from Preview to GA relatively quickly.

And to add to that they also added the following new features:

  • Refresh failure notifications
  • Take ownership of the dataflow
  • Cancel dataflow refresh
  • Entities relationships
  • Dataflow workload container size

If you would like to read more about the above, here is the blog post: Announcing Power BI dataflows general availability

Power BI XMLA Endpoints in Preview

This is a massive new feature that has been released in Power BI.

What XMLA allows you to do, is to connect to a Power BI model that is sitting in Power BI Premium via the tools that you use today to connect to Analysis Services.

This means that tools like SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Profiler, Power BI, Excel and even Tableau and the likes will be able to query data.

Right now, it is read-only, and I am sure that this will change in the future as well as with additional changes.

You can view all the details here: Power BI open-platform connectivity with XMLA endpoints public preview

Azure Analysis Services Available in Paginated reports

There now is the long-awaited support to connect to Azure Analysis Services (AAS) when using Paginated reports. This is great for people who built their existing semantic models and can leverage this.

Not only that but there soon will be the capability to connect to Power BI Datasets.

And it appears that there are more features coming over the next several Fridays.

More details here: Azure Analysis Services now supported and what’s coming next with Paginated Reports in Power BI

Presentation Mode in the Windows Power BI App

With the Windows Power BI App, you can now put it into a presentation mode, which will allow you to be able to show it on big screens and scroll through the report pages.

More details can be found here: Enhancing presentation mode with slideshow in Windows Power BI app

New Q&A Dashboard

The Power BI Service has been updated to show the new Q&A dashboard experience to replicate what currently happens inside Power BI reports.

You can find more details here: Q&A New Dashboard Update

Developer Community Feb & Mar Update

As you can see above there have been some more great updates to the developer community.

It is great to see that Multi-Geo is now Generally available, as well as ensuring that security is using the latest standards.

Along with this, there are new samples for Embed Capabilities.

And finally, if you are interested in Custom Visuals there is a wealth of information with updates, new features and even a self-paced lab.

All the blog details can be found here: Power BI Developer community February & March update