Welcome to this weeks Power BI RoundUp, it is a little late this week.

I have been fortunate enough to make it to Redmond and attend the MVP Summit, it was once again an amazing summit!

Here are this week’s updates, which might be a bit shorter than normal due to being at the airport about to leave for home.

Service & Mobile Update

As you can see above there has been a lot of Service and Mobile updates which have previously been covered.

The one thing that did stick out is the Third-Party Connectivity (XMLA) which at the time of the blog post was for March 2019!

You can read all the updates here: Power BI Service and Mobile February 2019 Feature Summary

On-Premise Gateway Update

In the March 2019 update there is just an update to the Mashup Engine version.

In the blog post they did detail that there are exciting updates coming with regards to the following:

  • Visibility to Personal Gateways
  • Ability to manage Gateway Installers

NOTE: From the July 2019 version of the On-Premise Data Gateway make sure that your server has got .NET version 4.7.2 installed

You can find the details here: On-premises data gateway March update is now available

New App Workspace V2 General Availability Timeline

In this blog post they detailed on the timeline with regards to the App Workspace V2.

Along with this they also detailed how the default experience will change to V2, but you will still have the ability to create a classic workspace if required.

The other updates are:

  • Ability to attach a OneDrive for Business folders
  • Viewer Role will be enabled when going GA
  • Workspace upgrades will happen after GA

All the additional details can be found here: Update on the New Workspace Experiences Preview Including GA Timeline

Power BI Embedded at Power Platform Summit

Chuck Sterling will be presenting at the Power Platform Summit in Europe and he will be going into great details on Power BI Embedded where he will show the newest capabilities and features for Power BI Embedded.

I have been to Chuck’s sessions and not only do they have great content, but he is an awesome presenter.

You can find more details here: Power BI Embedded session at Power Platform Summit Europe: What’s new in Power BI Embedded

Multivariate reporting

In this blog post, Sujata Narayana goes into great detail explaining how to create the above multivariate using bookmarks to show the different ways of reporting.

This is an awesome blog post with loads of detail.

You can read on how to complete this yourself here: What is Multivariate Reporting and when is it helpful?