Hi there, another week, another Power BI RoundUp with more awesome features from the Power BI Team

Power BI – Dataflows data lineage

When you are using dataflows there now is an option to view the data lineage.

What this means to me is a visual representation of where and how your data is flowing within your dataflows.

This is really awesome, because not only can you understand from a visual point of view how your data is moving, you can too edit the dataflows from this view.

The blog details are here: Power BI data lineage experience for dataflows

Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019

I attended the Business Applications Summit last year. It was an awesome conference, I was fortunate enough to present 2 sessions. I also met a lot of new people, including people in the Power BI team.

If you can make one trip this year, I would highly recommend making to the Business Applications Summit.

The initial session catalogue is also live.

I certainly am going to be attending.

More details can be found here: Unlock next at Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019

Power BI – On-Premise Data Gateway Update

There has been an update for the Feb 2019 version of the On-Premise Data Gateway update, which updates the Mashup Engine to the last version.

There are some additional features which are coming soon around Update notifications, depreciation of older versions and management enhancements.

The blog post details can be found here: On-premises data gateway February update is now available

Colour Theme Survey

If you would like to help the Power BI Team with what should be the default colour theme, then please read the blog post below or click on the image above to complete the survey.

Blog details are here: Power BI App Theme Color Survey