Hi there, I cannot believe it is already February. This year is already starting to fly by.

Please find below my weekly Power BI Round Up.

Export to PDF & On Demand Email Subscriptions

As you can see above you can now schedule your email subscriptions.

Not only that but coming to the Power BI Service is the ability to be able to export the reports to PDF

You can find the blog post details here: Export to PDF and On-Demand E-Mail Subscriptions Now Available

Premium Capacity Metrics App Update

There has been yet another update to the Power BI Premium Capacity Metrics App (Shew a lot of words there!) where you can now see the following consumptions

  • CPU Consumption – This shows the CPU based on Capacity, Datasets, Dataflows and Paginated Reports
  • Memory Consumption – This shows the memory consumption for Capacity, Datasets, Dataflows and Paginated Reports
    • The dotted lines show the Maximum data values for the different workloads for Capacity, Dataflows and Paginated Reports
  • Consumed Memory Percentages – This shows the active dataset sizes in memory compared against the total amount available. This allows you to see if you are going to or are running out of memory.

This can also be used for Power BI Embedded.

And finally, there is an option to restart the Capacity from the Admin Portal.

NOTE: that when restarting the capacity, it will stop ongoing activities

You can find all the blog post details here: Capacity management improvement and more granularity in the Power BI Premium Capacity Metrics app

Difinity Conference

I am looking forward to not only attending the Difinity Conference in New Zealand in 2 weeks’ time, I will also be presenting on dataflows.

This is the best conference for people who are working in the Microsoft Data Platform area.

There are quite a few people coming out from Microsoft, which is always awesome!

I am looking forward to meeting current and new friends at the conference.

If you are interested, you can find more details here: Difinity

Power BI APIs with Service Principal

If you use the Power BI APIs specifically around Power BI Embedded, you now can use a Service Principal name in Azure to do you authentication.

This is not only secure, it also makes it easier to configure for Power BI developers. This is AWESOME!

The blog post details can be found here: Use Power BI API with service principal (Preview)

Bulk Operations in the Admin Portal

I am amazed at the pace that the Power BI Team works, previously they enabled the Workspaces view in the Admin portal and as promised they have already expanded that where you can now complete bulk operations on the App Workspaces.

You can do the following across all App Workspaces that have commands that are supported (This is because there still are V1 and V2 App Workspaces)

  • Filter Workspaces
  • Access Permissions
  • Recovery Operations
  • Restore Operations

No doubt there will be more to come over time

Blog post details can be found here: Bulk Operations in the Admin Portal

Webinar on Personal Bookmarks in the Power BI Service

There is a webinar on 2/7/2019 9AM PST, which Yana will go over the Personal Bookmarks and best practise around using bookmarks in Power BI.

Charles Sterling from the Power BI Team will be hosting the webinar.

I personally will not be able to attend it live, due to being asleep in Australia, but I will most certainly watch it later.

Webinar details and blog post can be found here: 2/7 Webinar: Personal Bookmarks in the Power BI Service