I have found that at times people get other Power BI reports and are not sure what data sources there are in the file. As well as which data sources are connecting to what?

In this blog post below, I will show you where you can find all the data source details.

In my sample PBIX I have connected to a Web Source as well as to a local CSV.

When I open the PBIX, I could go into Edit Queries, then click on Source and click on the Source Options

Whilst the above does give you the information you need, it is a cumbersome
task and if you have a lot of tables (Which typically happens in larger Power BI Models)

The easier and quicker way I find is to rather use the Data Source settings, which you can find in Power BI Desktop by clicking on the arrow beneath Edit
Queries and then selecting
Data source Settings

The next window then shows me all the Data Source settings in my file.

Not only can I see all the data sources, I too can Change the Source, Edit Permissions or Clear Permissions

I can also do this in the Power Query Editor by clicking on Data source settings

This brings up the same window as I before in Power BI Desktop


This can be very handy when wanting to find out all the different data sources in a PBIX.

It too is great when wanting to setup the On-Premise Data Gateway and you want to know which data sources need to be setup.

Once again thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the section below.