I was working on a larger Power BI report and there were quite a lot of tables, where the text size needed to be changed.

Using the new search box feature in the Formatting options I searched for Text.

This then gave me all the options where I had a text value as shown below.

Yes, there are more text options, but I cut it short, so that you would not have to scroll too far.

What I then found was that if I changed the first Text size, it modified all the other Text sizes too.

How awesome is that? I am not sure if this feature had always been there, but it works on my version of Power BI desktop!

Below is also a GIF showing when I made the Text Size change and how they all change at the same time.

As always, any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

And thanks for reading I hope you found this feature something that will make you a bit more productive.