Welcome to another week of the weekly Power BI RoundUp, I hope you enjoy catching up on the latest content below.

Power BI – Power BI Preview Features in Action

In this blog post by Chuck (Charles) Sterling he goes into details on all the preview features that are going to be shown at the last 3 stops of the Power BI World Tour.

I went to the Sydney event and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I met some new friends, networked and learned a lot.

All the details on what will be shown is available here: See Power BI Preview Features in action at the Power BI World Tour

Power BI – Developer Update for September

As you can see above there were 3 updates this month.

The first being an update to the Capacity Metrics App for Power BI Premium workspaces where you can now not only monitor capacity, refreshes and data loads, but now there is also query metrics which is great to see if there is a long running query or a query that consumes a lot of memory and CPU.

There are now also advanced URL filtering capabilities, which often can be used to either compliment or to extend access to data for specific users or groups of people.

There is a new API where you can update the connection between cloud and on-premise data sources via the API. This is really a great improvement, as often data sources move around and with this API it makes it a lot easier to get this done programmatically.

And finally, Row Level Security now supports ASCII characters in the Username property.

All the details can be found here: Power BI Developer community September update

Power BI – Webinar on using Power Query to create Calendar tables

My friend from France will be presenting a Webinar with Chuck from the Power BI team on using Power Query to create calendar tables.

I have no doubt that this will be a great webinar and I find that there is always something to learn when watching other people, us M.

The Webinar details can be found here: 10/11 Webinar: How to use Power Query and M to create calendar tables with Tristan Malherbe

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