I have decided to rebrand or change the name of my weekly round up from BI RoundUp to Power BI RoundUp, because it is almost always about Power BI. And with the new direction from Microsoft this makes perfect sense.

As always please find the latest updates below.

Power BI – Premium Capacity Metrics App

This new app is great for people who are using Power BI premium and want to gain a better understanding of how the premium capacity is performing.

It gives you insights into Refreshes of your data, Queries (which is great to see long running queries which could consume resources) and could optionally be optimized) and datasets.

If you are using Power BI Premium this is something I would suggest installing.

Here is the blog post details: Premium Capacity Metrics app – query metrics now available

Power BI Home & Global Search

Power BI Home was seen at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit earlier this year and it is great to finally see it here. I personally think that this is a great place for people to land when logging into Power BI. It is a great start and I know that there are going to be future enchantments to this.

One of the great features is the global search which will allow you to search and find all the related content that you have access to. I find that as more reports, datasets and dashboards are deployed it can become a bit of a challenge to find the report you are looking for. Now with global search this is a lot easier.

More details and more in-depth details can be found here: Introducing Power BI Home & Global Search

That is it for this week, enjoy the rest of your week.