I was pleasantly surprised today whilst working on an older Power BI Report which had a few Chiclet slicers, and when I changed the selection of the Chiclet slicer I got the option highlighted “Reset to default”

I was actually so excited that I created this blog post on the way home from work, I simply could not wait until tomorrow!

Now when I hover of the “Rest to default” it now has a different tooltip, which now says:

Previously it said the following below:

I then created a quick report and configured it with my favourite Custom Visuals which are from the Filter Category.

  • Standard Slicer
  • Text Filter
  • Chiclet Slicer
  • Hierarchy Slicer
  • Smart Filter –  NOTE: The smart filter works but appears to not display the value when coming back to the report.

The results were fantastic in that each and every Custom Visual now works with the Persistent Filters.

As always, I really enjoy the comments and suggestions that I get to my blog posts. So please leave them below.