In this blog post I am going to show how to use the new Buttons feature to reset your page back to all the defaults, using the new Buttons and Bookmarks

I have started implementing this on report pages and find it very handy for end users to just reset the page and not have to concern themselves with de-selecting everything.

Adding and configuring the button

The first thing that I had to do was to add the Reset button and then configure it.

  • I clicked on Buttons and then selected Reset
  • I then configured my button with the appropriate title so that the users would know that they can use this button to set everything to default.
  • Below are the settings that I configured it as

Configuring the Reset Bookmark

The next step I did was to create the reset bookmark. This is what how I wanted the page to look at its default state.

In my example I wanted the TopN City to be set to 10

  • The first thing I did was to ensure that it was set to 10.
  • NOTE: I also ensured that there were no other filters, or slicers being applied.
  • I then went into the Ribbon, clicked on View and then selected Bookmarks
  • Then in the bookmarks pane, I clicked On Add
  • I then clicked on the three dots … and selected Rename.
    • I renamed it to Reset to TopN10 – Reset to Default
    • NOTE: The reason that I did this, was so that I know that this particular bookmark is for this page.

Assigning the Bookmark to my Reset Button

I now needed to assign the bookmark I created above to my button, so that when clicked it will reset it back to the bookmark (which makes it appear that it is resetting it to a default state)

  • I clicked on my Button.
  • Then in the settings I scrolled down to Action and configured the Type to Bookmark and the Bookmark to the bookmark I created earlier.

Testing the Resetting to Default

Now as you can see below in the GIF, it now resets to default when I click on the button.


















As you can see I have demonstrated how to use the new Buttons and Bookmark feature to reset a page back to defaults.

As always if you have any comments or suggestions please leave them in the section below.